Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour

Dear Peppies, 

This Saturday 28th March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm is earth hour. I know this is only one hour of switching off all our electrical appliances and lights etc and perhaps many don't see what difference it makes. But still for almost 360 days we have been 'abusing' our mother earth, lets give her a good rest. So I urge every one of us in Pep Design to play an active role in your family to encourage this movement to take place. Let us care for our mother earth for just 1 hour. 


Lots of Love, 

PS: Honestly, I must confess this is my first year taking part. I am very sorry that I am quite a cause of pollution. I contributed the Noise Pollution with my angry voice, Air Pollution by traveling to and fo the office daily and environmental pollution by buying Tupperware products. :(I need to do something about it too.  Forgive me. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

a value time in pep

My first day in pep was 15 oct 2003, hmmm ...  i think nearly 6 years past ... thanks myself for being one of peppy in this family, it is so blessed, it is so proud! thanks bosses & fellow xiao xiao –peppies. This is the 6 times i have been celebrate my birthday with my second home – peppies! sososo.....all of this are my value in my life, value of my experience, value of my friendship, value of my memory! sure got tear , but it is worth! 

It's still fresh in my mind, who know me i have a strong mega hardisc  in my mind! I still remember the first day working in pep, my master piece of industry life–being a graphic designer. Is our faith of joining this family, i never regret becos i love it, i love peppies. I wont be here from a fresh GD until now a AD, becos i have all of you DIANE, DORA, HOI, LOO, JOSHUA, PHENIE AND MOJO! Big or small, u guys playing different role in my life, makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me high, makes me shock. All i put deeply in my heart, i appreciate it, this is all my memory marked n marked.

It is not easy for me to work for 6 years, like a baby fresh born until a little 6 years old kid. Still fresh in doing design with this family. I looking back my path, sometimes i really cant remember what i have done. Maybe this is the reason that i can keep myself always fresh in this family. Last 2 days, i am checking the old works i did, oh man.... there are still look fresh and nice to me.....hahaha.....hmmmm.....i think i should proud of myself really done a good job in my life. thanks JANICE, u did well!

So, today is my day, i'm going to celebrate my day with u guys again.....hooray!

happy birthday to me!

I will remember pep born day, celebrate with u ok?

Love u , tyan

Happy Birthday....Janice

Today is your day...Dedicate this day for you. Yes. Only you....we might not have gotten exactly what you want but our thoughts are for you. You have been with us through ups and downs. You are part of the family and one of the pioneers. We love and appreciate everything you have done for every one of us and today we thank You for being you. Happy Birthday and wishing you good health and happiness always. :) 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

当我们 同在一起


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Unfinished Message

As usual, my night often fill with curiosity. Things that were running on my mind during the day will haunt me during the night. So every night I will surf around online to search for my answers. Somehow tonight is just about PEP DESIGN. So I went online searching how many companies called themselves Pep Design...hahha.. what a silly thing to do....

So I came across this person's blog as per shown above. (but to protect the person, I am not naming who) This person is obviously looking for us. However, when I clicked to the blog, it was no longer there so I assumed that he/she must have given up. Somehow, he/she has a point...our company website does not have any contact man. No phone number and not even email address. What is the whole point then? Sigh! Eh...can we do something about it?

So I have decided to give our contact, email once and for all.
Tel: 03-78830950
Fax: 03-78830960
email: dora@pepdsg.com or talktous@pepdesign.com.my

Once again, thank you for highlighting this point and I am looking forward to hearing from the author of this Unfinished Message.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

RE: Lovey-Dovey

Today is a holiday for Malaysian. As usual, I have nothing much to do at home so i decided to write a post here in PEP. Well, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the hard work done. Thank everyone for the patience and understanding. 

It has been like an endless birthday weeks for me....one after another. The meaning of Birthday is to celebrate the day that God has created the person on earth for all of us to encounter. And because this person is special to us, so we celebrate the existence of this person and indirectly also thank God for creating him and her. (Eh...this theory derived from my Dora's 1001 dictionary) hahaha. So please correct me if i am wrong. Anyhow, the Pep traditions still carry out faithfully year after year. Ultimately, the happiness and joy are being shared among all of us. Birthday Girl or Boy received their gifts and all of us enjoyed our happy meal, sang songs, blown the candles and cut the cake. At the end of the day, the meaning was there. Whether the gift was big or small, expensive or cheap, need or unnecessary- it doesn't matter. It was the thought that counts. Birthday is a celebration that has been carry out to shower our love ones the joy and happiness. Its rather contradicting sometimes, as we get older the more reluctant we wanna celebrate our birthdays, however, if we doesn't celebrate we feel something is missing that year. But this is just a personal point of view. Most importantly, whether the market is good or bad, as long as Pep exist, we celebrate and dedicate that special day for every individual Peppy.  Cause you are special. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Holding Hands

You held my hand.
Our fingers crossed. 
You tell me you love me.
You gripped stronger, I tell myself this is love.
My palm started to sweat.
You asked me to dry it up.
You held my hand
You tell me you love me very much.
You gave it a tight Squeeze.
Ouch.. I said it hurts.
You tell me you love me.
When you let go, I realised your love has fractured me.


I would like to Thank Diane for the Ferrero Rocher. How sweet of you! Why would I say that? Okay....here drama come *grumbled* It happened this afternoon(I don't wanna tell!).....and it totally screwed up my mood. However I'd manage to calm ma-self, just a lil' accurate.

Meanwhile.....she gave each one of us Ferrero Rocher Choc with a lil' note on top "mojo, 开心!" I was like "What's up? Ohh? Aww....Thanks!"well it happened so coincidentally and i felt slacken a bit. (Blabber)


Mojo drool.

First of all....mojo would teach/showing you how to eat Ferrero Rocher . lol

ALERT: Please be alert ,check out the Ferrero Rocher choc carefully. Nowadays, you could find out a lot of 'Counterfeit Ferrero Rocher' everywhere in the market. (Just like people buying legal counterfeit LV bag, gucci coach and bla bla bla!) So...make sure this is the REAL THING - ok..CHECKED, it is sooOo real.

Now, open it. CHECKED

Have some bite...."Mmmmm......nice!" Got worms or not? No? ok...CHECKED! SAFE now eat it!

Now you see....

Now you don't!
Aftermath you finish 'makan' your Ferrero Rocher,

Please, tolong, sila, 请, s'il vous plaît, どうぞ, 제발, Por favor...yada,yada...take these rubbish and,
throw it into your dustbin. Thank you very much for you co-operation.
Please to cultivate a good habit. It's for you own good. Terima kasih!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet with Yashim Ahmad at Annex Gallery, 2pm

This is my first time meet with Yashim Ahmad who did a lot of nice and touching PETRONAS TVC, Sepet etc. She wears white flowering baju kurung with 'onitsukatiger' sport shoe, she looks young and friendly. Beside her is a film producer, Tina. She own a film company in KL. Another speaker is Benjamin, a film advisor in Monash University.

She shared a lot of thought of her life. Her story came from her own life, she likes to talk with people, share people experience. All of this make her life meaningful.  She said:" none of us are creative, she is not creative, she just like to tell story of her life." She mentioned :" more personal you have, more universal you are." Through Yashim's experience, she felt sometimes we have to less concern of demographic and psychographics, but more concern on humanistic. It is because we are all human being no matter how old you are, we all need love , we like things can make us feel touching. I do agree!

Lastly, Yashim came out a mandarin word. She said:" 你明白吗?“(Are you understand?). At that moment, i felt she is talking to me. She faced me, i felt so unbeliever. She is talking to me, so amaze! 

Thanks hoi, thanks for telling me Yashim Ahmad Talk. I attended, i learned. Thanks!