Sunday, March 8, 2009

RE: Lovey-Dovey

Today is a holiday for Malaysian. As usual, I have nothing much to do at home so i decided to write a post here in PEP. Well, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the hard work done. Thank everyone for the patience and understanding. 

It has been like an endless birthday weeks for after another. The meaning of Birthday is to celebrate the day that God has created the person on earth for all of us to encounter. And because this person is special to us, so we celebrate the existence of this person and indirectly also thank God for creating him and her. (Eh...this theory derived from my Dora's 1001 dictionary) hahaha. So please correct me if i am wrong. Anyhow, the Pep traditions still carry out faithfully year after year. Ultimately, the happiness and joy are being shared among all of us. Birthday Girl or Boy received their gifts and all of us enjoyed our happy meal, sang songs, blown the candles and cut the cake. At the end of the day, the meaning was there. Whether the gift was big or small, expensive or cheap, need or unnecessary- it doesn't matter. It was the thought that counts. Birthday is a celebration that has been carry out to shower our love ones the joy and happiness. Its rather contradicting sometimes, as we get older the more reluctant we wanna celebrate our birthdays, however, if we doesn't celebrate we feel something is missing that year. But this is just a personal point of view. Most importantly, whether the market is good or bad, as long as Pep exist, we celebrate and dedicate that special day for every individual Peppy.  Cause you are special. 

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diane said...

yes.. I totally agree with you