Saturday, July 18, 2009

Becos We have Jaya Grocer as Our Neighbour

Dear Jaya Grocer,
I didn't mind when the Milo Fker didn't serve me and my friend a free milo that day just becos we were 10 mins early for your grand opening.
I will try to forget that on the place where your shop sits was once a grocer just like yours which failed so badly it closed down within two months since it opened its doors.
I am ok even though your stafff tried to ram me down with one of your brand new shiny trolleys.
I will disregard the fact that you double layered my purchase with non biodegradable plastic bags.

I wanted to stay inside your supermarket for a while. Arrrrrrrrrrr... rows rows and rows ....
I wanted to buy almost everything except the cigarettes....
I wanted to sample everything inside your supermarket including the grotesque goat's milk .. DAMN it tasted like corpse in a bottle...
I wanted you to know I collected 101 points from making egg sandwich meal for my friends at work on a Mundane Overtime Saturday..thanks to the fresh produce taken from your shelves...

I'll say you are gutsy and you have foresight..
I for one would not set up any shop opposite a school cos its feng shui-ly incorrect.
I am sure my staff would be eager to patronise your humble joint many times in days to come.
I will bring my mom over the next time she is in town.. but I'll ask her to buy VICO.

MILO Fkers.

Monday, July 13, 2009


 A night of family feast for everyone who has been working hard in Pep Design. 
The few dishes were: 
- Yellow Melon Soup
- Onion Fried Eggs
- Vegetable with Japanese Mushroom and Prawns 
- Black Sauce Singapore Har Lock (Prawns) 
- Brovil Potato Stir Fried Pork
- Home Recipe Gor Hiang (Pork Spring Roll) 

Friday, July 3, 2009

We, the Fashion Pep'ple

We don't care what others think
We don't wear to match what we do
We are in our maximum comfort 
We dress our way to please ourselves and no one else
This is Pep Fashion
We, the Pep Fashion Pep'ple, be it Monday or Friday, we dress to kill the rest!