Monday, June 30, 2008

Wedding of the Year

It's Sherliz's wedding. Every dressed to killed. Lots of audio visual entertainment arranged for the guests to enjoy. Food was good, the bride and groom were pretty. All peppy had a jolly good time.

It was Hoihoi's day!

It's my birthday, and peppy got me an alexis cake. Even went to Brickfields indian vegetarian for lunch. I appreciate their acknowledgement of indian vegetarian. It is a first and last time to a lot of fellow peppies. I had a great time. And thanks for the "little brown cow wallet"! Using and enjoying it everyday!


Pep events has a place now, dedicated to record the most memorable time spent in almost more than 1/2 of our days. You can find peppy outtings, choice of foood, feature of the eccentricity of fellow member of the peppy world. 

Calling all peppy bloggers out there, pls join to blog up this happening spot.