Friday, January 9, 2009

artforgrabs christmas

artforgrabs @ the annexe central market.
Pep participated in this 2 - day event.
all items were art related and were selling for less than RM100. 
What was priceless a) we made our own items to sell b) we experienced a taste of being a 'street vendor' c) making new friends with other creative people d) seeing the reaction of people who came to our stall and bought our items.
Joshua and Dora made bags, pillows and ear rings
Janice packed childhood tidbits and stuff
Mojo and Phanie made candles 
Hoi hoi made brownies
Diane did calendars
Loo helped in everything
Raymond Chang bought a bit of everything
Celine collected money
Peppies had a lot of fun.
Peppies that's our new brand.