Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Founder Diane

Its her Birthday on the 5th
This entry is specially dedicated to her, Diane:

A Cheerleader in nature
She made a person feels motivated even when the person is on a roller coaster . 

A Mother at play
A mother who let her children grew up just the way they are without forcing them to be someone else. 

A Partner in crime 
Even though she is older, with respect and understanding, she never fail to include her business partner in any business action. 

A Thunder Cat in love
Even though she has loved the someone for more than a decade, I still witness them as dating couple every single day. 

A Reliable Working Partner
With her, there is no bullshit, she is a Perfectionist at work. Thus, client often entrust her with their project. This is something that I am still learning today. 

A Daughter with Laughter
Parents will never fail to smile or laugh whenever she called or see them. She gives and loves them beyond their expectation. 

I admire you, Diane. And with the above descriptions, you have made a difference in everyone's life. Happy Birthday to you, Diane. Keep these characters building...