Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour

Dear Peppies, 

This Saturday 28th March from 8.30pm to 9.30pm is earth hour. I know this is only one hour of switching off all our electrical appliances and lights etc and perhaps many don't see what difference it makes. But still for almost 360 days we have been 'abusing' our mother earth, lets give her a good rest. So I urge every one of us in Pep Design to play an active role in your family to encourage this movement to take place. Let us care for our mother earth for just 1 hour. 


Lots of Love, 

PS: Honestly, I must confess this is my first year taking part. I am very sorry that I am quite a cause of pollution. I contributed the Noise Pollution with my angry voice, Air Pollution by traveling to and fo the office daily and environmental pollution by buying Tupperware products. :(I need to do something about it too.  Forgive me. 


tyan said...

i'm going home, but i will have my earth hour with my family! this is my second time joining earth hour!

so, dora, I will there for you, no matter where i am. hahaha

diane said...

Give earth an hour, every week. Split that one hour into 6 slots X 10mins.

10mins to think of ways of preserve and conserve.

10mins to breathe air. 10mins to water the plants, 10 mins to walk..little little steps .. every week for the recovery of our habitat.