Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet with Yashim Ahmad at Annex Gallery, 2pm

This is my first time meet with Yashim Ahmad who did a lot of nice and touching PETRONAS TVC, Sepet etc. She wears white flowering baju kurung with 'onitsukatiger' sport shoe, she looks young and friendly. Beside her is a film producer, Tina. She own a film company in KL. Another speaker is Benjamin, a film advisor in Monash University.

She shared a lot of thought of her life. Her story came from her own life, she likes to talk with people, share people experience. All of this make her life meaningful.  She said:" none of us are creative, she is not creative, she just like to tell story of her life." She mentioned :" more personal you have, more universal you are." Through Yashim's experience, she felt sometimes we have to less concern of demographic and psychographics, but more concern on humanistic. It is because we are all human being no matter how old you are, we all need love , we like things can make us feel touching. I do agree!

Lastly, Yashim came out a mandarin word. She said:" 你明白吗?“(Are you understand?). At that moment, i felt she is talking to me. She faced me, i felt so unbeliever. She is talking to me, so amaze! 

Thanks hoi, thanks for telling me Yashim Ahmad Talk. I attended, i learned. Thanks!


greenhoihoi said...

hey am so glad that you made it there!!! Lovely! did u bring anythings for her to sign on it? or take a pic with her?

tyan said...

dun hav woh, cos is too rush!
but i keep her thought in my mind!
thanks hoi.....really a good time to listen her motivation...hehehe