Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fish Ball Noodle Lunch

Finally! At last! We all get to eat the Fish Ball Noodle near Chow Yang...hahaha. That auntie was super excited to see me. The minute she saw me she said:"Oh! Tropicana Huh?? Why didn't call me?" Hahaha...I wish i can response like what how joshua wanted me to say:"eh....Why call you? We know you very well meh?" Hahahaha. Of course i won't say that as Auntie's Fish Ball is Super Nice mah. So i packed 6 small and 2 big with 40 fishballs and some happening stewed pork back to the office for everyone to enjoy. 

Its rather nice having lunch together in the office once awhile. We sat together even if we don't get to sit just gather around the table and eat would be good enough. It provides a sense of unity and family warmth, don't you agree?  So any suggestion for the next get together Office Lunch session? KFC? hahaha...

I wonder how come no one else contribute writing to this site except Hoi and me? And no one comment and response? So weird. I still didn't get any reply about how to celebrate on the 12th. Wei! Peppy starts writing here lah!

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