Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Course- FLASH

Last Saturday, Loo and I went for our first ever Flash Course together. Loo was the only guy in class and me being one of the oldest. So we both looked kinda weird. But it didn't stop us from being TOP STUDENTS in class. Hahahaah. We were both there to impress our teacher that we are not ordinary students and we work hard to make Pep a name and also that even though we are different from others we STILL have very good learning ability. Kekkeekeke. At first, we were very skeptical about PJCAD from the exterior of the school, it looked very run down. The minute we entered the building and class, we have a different thinking altogether. The machines they let students use are very up to date including the software. And the teacher- Willy spoke very good english and his instruction and teaching is very clear. We are very happy how his teaching turn out. Within 4 hours of learning, loo and i had like 4 short flash reel already. We have learnt quite a lot and when the class finished, i was thinking to myself: 'WHAT's NEXT?'. I can't wait to go for my next lesson. And i am very glad that we have taken up the class and would be sending more peppy for PJCAD classes in the near future. So WATCH OUT !!

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