Friday, March 20, 2009

a value time in pep

My first day in pep was 15 oct 2003, hmmm ...  i think nearly 6 years past ... thanks myself for being one of peppy in this family, it is so blessed, it is so proud! thanks bosses & fellow xiao xiao –peppies. This is the 6 times i have been celebrate my birthday with my second home – peppies! sososo.....all of this are my value in my life, value of my experience, value of my friendship, value of my memory! sure got tear , but it is worth! 

It's still fresh in my mind, who know me i have a strong mega hardisc  in my mind! I still remember the first day working in pep, my master piece of industry life–being a graphic designer. Is our faith of joining this family, i never regret becos i love it, i love peppies. I wont be here from a fresh GD until now a AD, becos i have all of you DIANE, DORA, HOI, LOO, JOSHUA, PHENIE AND MOJO! Big or small, u guys playing different role in my life, makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me high, makes me shock. All i put deeply in my heart, i appreciate it, this is all my memory marked n marked.

It is not easy for me to work for 6 years, like a baby fresh born until a little 6 years old kid. Still fresh in doing design with this family. I looking back my path, sometimes i really cant remember what i have done. Maybe this is the reason that i can keep myself always fresh in this family. Last 2 days, i am checking the old works i did, oh man.... there are still look fresh and nice to me.....hahaha.....hmmmm.....i think i should proud of myself really done a good job in my life. thanks JANICE, u did well!

So, today is my day, i'm going to celebrate my day with u guys again.....hooray!

happy birthday to me!

I will remember pep born day, celebrate with u ok?

Love u , tyan

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doraexplora said...

honestly, i am very glad that you are happy. all the effort is worth it...and we value you very much. :)