Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Unfinished Message

As usual, my night often fill with curiosity. Things that were running on my mind during the day will haunt me during the night. So every night I will surf around online to search for my answers. Somehow tonight is just about PEP DESIGN. So I went online searching how many companies called themselves Pep Design...hahha.. what a silly thing to do....

So I came across this person's blog as per shown above. (but to protect the person, I am not naming who) This person is obviously looking for us. However, when I clicked to the blog, it was no longer there so I assumed that he/she must have given up. Somehow, he/she has a point...our company website does not have any contact man. No phone number and not even email address. What is the whole point then? Sigh! Eh...can we do something about it?

So I have decided to give our contact, email once and for all.
Tel: 03-78830950
Fax: 03-78830960
email: or

Once again, thank you for highlighting this point and I am looking forward to hearing from the author of this Unfinished Message.



diane said...

lim, our address and phone no. is right on our main page lah!

doraexplora said...

Oh sorry...just now i didn't scroll down to see it. :( hahah. But still there is no email mah:(

Anonymous said...