Thursday, July 10, 2008


For the last few days, a few of us been working very hard and late for  the XXXXXX project. And the people whose is handling XXXXXX project for Pep Design is also giving us a lot of issues. A lot of last minute request and a lot this and that. The demand is there and some of us find it very hard to handle. 

Well, welcome to the real world!! Many have switched down totally and some said "THAT's IT!" But this is the real world, baby. If you go else where, there will bound to have problem like that. If you choose to work, this is the shit you get. Just that Pep Design has been like a bed of roses but honestly, roses will die and new roses would have to grow. So bear that in Mind. We all have our own shit to handle just whether how you handle it, thats all. 

Don't take this sharing personally but I am just sharing this ugly side of work. So Tough Up yourself for bigger challenges as not everyday is bed of roses.

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